If you … is a mission. My personal mission is to leave behind a trace for my child and I would be glad if he follows it. Throughout my life, I have imagined that I will help someone, something and I have been doing it by donating funds, my time, my knowledge, or my efforts. Working on such a project in support of premature birth prevention and raising the first endowment, a very close friend of mine went to hospital to retain her twins! Without being long-winded and detailed on the subject, I will only say that now she has one of the twins, a healthy and beautiful girl.
We dedicate this project to her, to us and to all the women, who give or are about to give life with the sole objective when we make the world beautiful for us or around us, when we are happy to wear a garment, let’s be happy that wearing it, we help ourselves and other future mothers.
The mission of If you is to support prevention of premature birth and pre-term infants, babies with congenital diseases. There are many reasons why babies are born prematurely. The most often, however, are lack of prevention or low awareness of expectant mothers, as well as lack of equipment and timely response. That is why, by creating fashion or having pleasure with our clothes, we and you donate ……… BGN to help this mission. The funds are deposited in a special account and will be used for organizing seminars, purchase of equipment, in particular cases for supporting individual children. We know that we cannot save everyone, help everyone, but we want to reach to a maximum number of mothers and children at risk, to leave a trace behind and more alive and healthy children.