If you develops its own line of T-shirts that will turn into our fashion. By wearing the T-shirts of If you, you will have the opportunity to wear the reflection of the help for our cause. Thus, we will be bringing together the message and the goodness of our hearts. You can buy T-shirts through direct contact with us, soon online through our website, and at our charity events and performances.

If you … develops its T-shirts along three lines, each of which allows you to convey our message.

  1. T-shirts with individual design. You can order a T-shirt of your choice with individual design or our designer can offer you a design matching your idea.
  2. T-shirt with ready-made design. You can choose a ready-made T-shirt from our catalog.
  3. Corporate T-shirt. You can order a T-shirts as work clothing for your company. We will produce them and you will be able to place your logo on your web site. So each of your customers will know that you and your company are an active donor and supporter of our mission.

Each T-shirt will have the logo of If you

You will be able to approve the design of every T-shirt before we make it.

All amounts after covering the cost price of production of the T-shirt will be spent for the cause of If you

You can get Information about the causes and spending of the money from our website and our facebook group.